Study Of The Translation Of Confucius Philosophical Treatise Lun Yu (The Analects)


The relevance of the study is determined by the need to analyze the methods and techniques for translating ancient Chinese philosophical texts into Russian. The object of the research is the Russian translation by Popov of one of the main works of Confucianism Lun Yu (The Analects). Translation made by Popov is the first in history complete translation of Lun Yu into Russian, the technique and methods of transferring philosophical thought of which from Chinese into Russian certainly deserve a detailed analysis. The subject of research is the lexical and syntactic units of the text Lun Yu, techniques and methods of preserving Confucius ideas when translated from Chinese into Russian. The aim of the research is to analyze the possibility of accurate rendering of the original text from Chinese into Russian. The research task is to study the possible practices of translating ancient Chinese texts into the Russian language. The methods of analysis are determined by the purpose and task of the research; the study is based on the method of linguistic analysis of Confucius text Lun Yu, the method of comparing the accuracy of translation of sentences from Confucius treatise into Russian, and the method of continuous sampling for the study of semantic and metaphorical units.

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