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Politics, Economy, Security Issues Hidden Under the Carpet of Mediterranean


About the Book

This book has taken almost nine months to write with contributions of  eleven authors who are scholars or PhD candidates at the relevant universities. The idea of this book has been determined by making conversations with my colleague, Dr. Z. Bekir (Zafer Bekirogullari). Afterwards, I talked with my colleagues at our faculty, Economics and Adminsitrative Sciences, European University of Lefke and we thought that is required to write a multidisciplinary book regarding the politics, economics and security Mediterranean as well. Therefore, we agreed on writing the book and to invite more authors to make contribution from different universities as well.

The book consists nine chapters, certainly, it is not possible to write and analyse all the facts regarding the Mediterranean region, however we tried to touch significant processes in which emerged recently as much as we could do.

The book is interested in international disputes which are combined with geopolitics, security, energy economy-strategy and refugee crisis too. On the other hand, the domestic politics of some regional countries have been analysed in this book by combining concepts of nationalism, populism, democratization and gender equality.

Eventually, we tried to draw a picture of the Mediterranean region which is related with  politics, economy and security issues. I hope that book will make contribution to extract the hidden facts under the carpet of Mediterranean.


Eastern Mediterranean economy politics energy geopolitics security refugee crisis nationalism populism democratization