Lexical Aspects Of The Concept "Food" In The Khakass Language


The article deals with the study of linguistic representation of some lexical aspects of the concept "food" in the Khakassian language. It presents the results of a linguocultural analysis of the words and phrases that represent this concept. The relevance of the study stems from the fact that food in all its volume and diversity is one of the most important factors of life. This is reflected in language and communicative activity, but the specificity of this concept in the Khakass language has not been investigated. The structure of the concept "food" in Khakass culture includes such concepts as the basis of life, wealth, relatives, and connection with ancestors. The Khakasses believed that food was a value essential to life. The concept "food" in the Khakass family relations system testifies to kinship mutual aid. In Khakassian life, shared meals of relatives were linked to both joy and grief. Festive food was prepared to celebrate events such as weddings, births and funerals. Death did not mean the breakdown of kinship. Each side continued to have a kinship with the other. This continuous unity of the dead and the living, of ancestors and descendants, was a guarantee of the family's existence. This analysis contributes to the reconstruction of the Khakass ethnos' holistic linguistic picture of the world.

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25 November 2022

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