The Effectiveness Of A Persuasive Mobile App To Influence Habit Change


Failure in changing bad eating habit as well as constant practice of poor lifestyle lead to major health issues among Malaysia citizens. As a result, the number of overweight citizens keeps raising at an alarming rate. Malaysian government has launches several campaigns urging Malaysian to conduct healthier lifestyle as well as taking healthier diets but to little or no avail. Apparently, bad habit is difficult to be changed. Even if some measures were taken to form a new and better habit, unfortunately, new habit is difficult to sustain. This study attempts to investigate the possibility of influencing habit change using a persuasive mobile application that monitors the users when adopting new habit. For this purpose, a mobile application prototype with recommended healthy habits and diets was develop and tested with six volunteers. The participants installed and used the mobile app daily for a week, and their interactions with the app were tracked and monitored. On the last day of the testing period, a semi-structured interview was conducted to record their experiences and opinions about the mobile app. The result of the study indicates the potential of monitored mobile application in inducing changes in daily habit, specifically in exercising and taking healthier diet.

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