Programs Of Career Guidance Work At The Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University


To form the comprehensive, market-oriented regional career guidance system the government of the Krasnoyarsk territory adopted «The strategy for the professional orientation development of the population in the Krasnoyarsk territory». Its priority tasks: - career guidance based on trends in the development of the labor market and monitoring the human resource needs of the economy in the Siberian Federal District; - improving the process in professional and personal self-determination of students at general education organizations, - continuity of self- determination support in the profession; - new approaches introduction to the content and forms of career guidance. This article provides examples of solving the tasks set by the strategy at the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university for the development of social capital in rural areas. University sees getting out of the current situation with the staff deficit in the agro-industrial complex in the interaction of all subjects of career guidance: educational organizations, organizations of secondary and higher professional education, employers, institutions of further education, inter- school educational complexes and "Center for professional orientation and psychological support of the population"; and also in the creation a common information space for all project participants. The article considers the effectiveness of career guidance areas that use a combination of both traditional passive and active methods of work.

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The existing difficulties in professional self-determination of young people are caused by persistent stereotypes of the population regarding the nature of work and prospects in the agricultural professional sphere, in connection with which the existing information and educational, consulting and pro agitation methods are imperfect in modern circumstances ( Litvinenko & Mironov, 2018; Mironov, 2016). For the purpose of professional orientation and the market promotion of educational services in agricultural education, Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university works with students at schools and educational institutions of secondary vocational education actively. The teaching staff implements career guidance activities in various areas ( Tyushev, 2017). An important element of career guidance is to inform students about the content of the profession, working conditions, professionally important qualities, training and employment opportunities ( Rezapkina, 2018a). It is also necessary to avoid "Dead-end trends in career guidance" ( Rezapkina, 2018b). The tasks of the modern stage include the search for new forms and methods of conducting career guidance activities that will allow us to develop different, methodically structured, systematization of ideas about professional orientation for various age groups ( Erokhina & Terin, 2017).

Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university with the support of the Government is implementing a project to create an agro- educational cluster in the Krasnoyarsk territory. The appearance of such a scheme will improve the training quality of specialists in the agricultural sector, as well as bring the research and innovation activities of the agro-industrial complex in the Krasnoyarsk territory to a new level. The main idea of the project is cooperation between the regional Ministry of agriculture, scientific organizations, agricultural enterprises and Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university. The main goal of the project is to create a unified training system for the agricultural sector taking into account the needs of employers ( Keler, 2019).

Problem Statement

Today there is a huge world of professions in which it is easy to get lost even for an adult. That is why special attention is paid to youth in career guidance. Young people need help more than anyone else on the way to forming their educational and professional trajectory. Vocational guidance among the population in the whole region is carried out in accordance with the big plan — the strategy for the development of professional attitudes in the Krasnoyarsk territory, which was approved by the Government of the region. The strategy is designed to include career guidance in the system of providing the economy with high- quality personnel taking into account the professional interests and aptitudes of citizens, as well as the importance of popularizing popular professions. The main principles of the strategy are:

  • connection of career guidance work with the training system and the labor market, which provides assistance to a person in professional self -determination in unity with the regional needs for qualified agronomic personnel;

  • availability of professional and other information necessary for choosing or changing a profession, form of training and employment;

  • equal opportunities to receive career guidance services, regardless of place of residence, school, age, gender.

Research Questions

To solve the above problems, the following priorities must be addressed:

  • Methodological, organizational, financial and information support of career guidance activities, regular monitoring and sociological research of career guidance in the agro- industrial sector.

  • Conducting career guidance work taking into account trends in the development of the labor market and monitoring the personnel needs in the agricultural economy of the Krasnoyarsk territory

  • Process activation in professional and personal self-determination of students at educational organizations as a means of strengthening the relationship of the educational services market with the labor market and its development prospects

  • Providing continuous support in professional self-determination, the formation of a vocational culture and the importance of career guidance in the public mind, including using the capabilities of the volunteer career guidance movement and other social practices.

Introduction of new approaches to the content and forms of vocational guidance organization, including the use of professional samples, information and telecommunications technologies; the system improvement of professional training and retraining of agricultural personnel, providing vocational guidance.

Purpose of the Study

The aim of this work was to create a system for maintenance of professional self-determination contributing to the needs of agro-industrial complex of the Krasnoyarsk territory in qualified, motivated and competitive staff, taking into account the personal characteristics of citizens and the interests of employers, society and the state.

Research Methods

In the development of professional orientation system coordinated actions of the major subjects in career guidance: educational institutions (the schools in the rural areas), educational institutions of professional education in agriculture, state education authorities, employment services, youth and social policy services, the mass media, families, associations, organizations and other social institutions responsible for education, training and employment of citizens are of special importance.

Thus, the agrarian university conducts a whole range of activities.

The Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university with the support of the Government is implementing a project to create an agro-educational cluster in the Krasnoyarsk territory

The appearance of such a scheme allows to improve the quality of specialists training in the agricultural sector, as well as to bring the research and innovation activities in the agro-industrial complex of the Krasnoyarsk territory to a new level. The main idea of the project is cooperation between regional Ministry of agriculture, scientific organizations, agricultural enterprises and the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university. The main goal of the project is aimed at creating a unified system of training for the agricultural sector, taking into account the needs of employers and supported by the Krasnoyarsk regional science foundation in the framework of a competition for social and humanitarian research. At the Krasnoyarsk economic forum, a triple agreement was signed between the administration of Sharypovo district, the management of LLC agro-industrial park "Siberia" and the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university, concerning the creation and support of agricultural classes in the main agricultural zone of the region. This agro-industrial park is organized to attract investors to energy- intensive projects in the field of agriculture. In Sharypovo district a major investment project is being implemented to build a complex of greenhouses and agricultural classes will provide the complex with qualified professionals. The administration of Sharypovo district supports partners in organizing the preparation and operation of agricultural classes at its own expense, ensures the selection and readiness of educational institutions to implement the project, compliance with the requirements, norms and standards of providing educational services. Agro-industrial park "Siberia" provides information support, charity and sponsorship for the work of agricultural classes. The Krasnoyarsk agrarian university organizes professional assistance in the formation of methodological and educational materials, attracts pedagogical and scientific personnel to the work of agricultural classes and provides their consulting support. Participants of "Agroclass" at this stage are high school students of secondary educational institutions in five districts of the Krasnoyarsk territory. The selection and distribution of participants in the "Agroclass" in creative laboratories are made from the number of students who have submitted an application. The main forms of educational and scientific work in the creative laboratories of "Agroclass" are the development of research tasks-individually or as part of a creative group; discussion of the methodology and intermediate research results at seminars, round tables, etc.; organization of special courses, seminars, circles on additional topics; presentation of leading specialists from the agrarian university to the participants of "Agroclass"; scientific conferences, recommendations for further research, publication of materials, etc.

In 2016 young scientists from the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university developed a career guidance project "My choice is agriculture", which is successfully implemented in the territory of the region

Its goal is to increase the literacy of students in the implementation of their own ideas in agribusiness and increase the attractiveness of the agro -industrial complex for young people. This project received grant support. As a result of this work a training manual "We come from agriculture" was published for students, which was sent to consultants in employment services, schools and other educational institutions in the Krasnoyarsk territory ( Kapitanova & Mironov, 2018). It became the basis for conducting thematic optional lessons on professional orientation for high school students and teachers. The project's working group collected and presented educational facts, information and reference material on the development of agriculture in the Krasnoyarsk territory and Russia. Everyone can participate in master classes, quests, and learn information about state support programs for young people in rural areas in an accessible form. The manual has collected and summarized literary and historical information about everyday objects, phenomena in society, and areas of human activity, which owe their origin to agriculture. The key idea of the project is present agriculture as a "primary science", as a type of human activity that has led to the emergence of all other types of professional activities, social and cultural relations based on the experience of school students, their level of knowledge and ideas about the world around them to. United in mobile teams students of the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university and activists from the Russian union of rural youth conduct areal immersion for participants in their professional future in the agricultural sector of economy. A detailed view of the programs implemented by the Ministry of agriculture gives young professionals the opportunity to familiarize rural youth with the existing and actual large -scale support from the state, which exists only for young people who have decided to move to the countryside or live in it ( Keler, 2019). Everyone can get advice to participate in the business game "Novice farmer", which is held in agricultural universities of the country in order to develop students' business planning skills in rural industry ( Shadrina & Mironov, 2016). Interactive career guidance lectures have become a source of knowledge for future applicants about the origin, significance and functioning of the agricultural sector in the economy with all its variety of professions, as well as about promising specialties in agriculture and agricultural science ( Gribkova et al., 2019).

Project "Time to live!", which was organized by Russian union of rural youth and the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university according to the results of the popular vote became the best in the competition "Healthy Russia"

It is mainly aimed at school children in rural areas. Attracting the attention of rural youth to the development in agricultural professions and further work in the agro-industrial sector of the region is the project goal. Its main tasks are as follows:

  • Creating a positive village image and increasing the prestige of agricultural professions in the eyes of young people, career guidance among schoolchildren.

  • Training in social design and young people involvement in the implementation of social development programs in rural areas, creating conditions for increasing the social activity of rural youth ( Gudov & Tsulaya, 2010).

  • Creating conditions for increasing the economic activity of rural youth, promoting youth employment in rural areas and involving youth in the implementation of programs for the economic development in the agro-industrial complex.

  • Support for the formation of a healthy lifestyle among teenagers and young people, promotion of spiritual, physical and creative development among rural youth, organization and conduct of intellectual and physical culture events.

Studying at the university activists of the movement draw attention to the topic of life in the countryside and show opportunities for self-realization by their own example in the form of trusting communication with schoolchildren. Meetings with rural youth are held in educational institutions or rural houses of culture. The content of the program is divided into several parts. Part one is introduction to the university. Activists from the Russian union of rural youth and the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university tell students about agricultural education in the Krasnoyarsk territory ( Tsuglenok et al., 2012). Part two is self-presentation of the organizers' project. Speakers use videos that demonstrate the activities of participating organizations clearly. At the same time students of the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university talk about their own, conscious choice of specialty and how they see their future in the chosen profession. Part three is a concert program; it includes performances and numbers presented by activists of the Russian union of rural youth and the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university. The block sets up the children who came to the meeting on a positive wave and encourages further constructive dialogue. Block four is a conversation with interested people. Several interactive games are played from the stage with the audience. Activists are working to unite the audience, create a positive image of the modern village and increase the prestige of agricultural specialties ( Danilova, 2008). At the same time the main task is solved: increasing the prestige of agricultural professions and the village attractiveness as a place for work and residence ( Simbirskikh, 2014). Along with this, the campaign promotes a healthy lifestyle, sets up the fact that today's young people are engaged not only in education, but also in science, sports, social activities and creativity.

The project "Our tomorrow" was developed to form a unified system of training in the agricultural sector

Students in the process of professional self-determination are accompanied by specially trained hr mentors. These are the most active students of Krasnoyarsk universities who have received additional training at the Krasnoyarsk career guidance center and have skills in conducting career guidance events; many of them also have experience working with children and volunteering. The form of assistance in self-determination is not accidental - students who have recently made their own professional choice share their experience with students. During the project implementation 166 specialists were trained. The career guidance process is continuous and consists of accompanying students during the final three years of school. Students of the 9 th grades under the specialist’s supervision of the center for career guidance receive basic information on the course of professional self-determination; hr mentors conduct career -oriented conversations, lectures, games; diagnose professional interests, aptitudes and abilities, identify the professional orientation of students. For children excursions are held to enterprises representing various sectors of the economy with popular working professions and in the organization of professional education, where these professions are taught. In the 10 th grade students under the guidance of hr mentors continue to get acquainted with the world of professions, but in more detail. On excursions to enterprises that employ highly qualified employees with higher education and to institutions of higher professional education professional tests and planning of further professional and educational movement are carried out. Students in the grade 11 thgrade develop projects for the professional future and professional and educational trajectories in accordance with the available resources and needs of the labor market under the guidance of the mentors.


Effectiveness evaluation of the activities carried out throughout the implementation of projects is carried out by their sociological survey (Figure 01 ).

Figure 1: Need for assistance in professional self –determination
Need for assistance in professional self –determination
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After completing the projects, the results showed a significant degree of influence on professional choice

More than 20 % of respondents changed their professional choice or were able to decide on their future profession. Those respondents who have already decided on a profession at the beginning of the project confirmed their choice by 66 %.

It is important to note that the number of respondents who are still undecided about their future profession has decreased by 2 times at the end of the project

If the number of such was 29.6 %in 2015, in 2016 it was only 14.5 %.

Students most remember interesting excursions to enterprises and educational organizations of professional education - 80.8 %; career guidance classes-23.1% and communication with students-9.6% (Figure 02)

Figure 2: Did your participation influence your choice of profession?
Did your participation influence your choice of profession?
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The students effectiveness is confirmed by participation, diplomas and certificates for prizes in scientific and practical conferences and competitions: scientific and practical conference for participants of the continuing education system at the Krasnoyarsk state agrarian university "Science and youth of Krasnoyarsk: dialogue, thought, search", student conference "Student science-a look into the future", all-Russian scientific ecological and biological olympiad, all-Russian humanitarian and environmental profile change "Golden mountains", open scientific and practical conference for pre-university training at the Krasnoyarsk state teacher training university, regional forum "Youth and science", all-Russian competition for children's educational and research works " Science. Technic. Progress", the all-Russian competition for youth projects "development of the agro-industrial complex in the south of Russia", the all-Russian scientific and practical conference "Ecology, rational nature management and environmental protection" ( Akhmedzyanova & Mironov, 2019).


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