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Problems Of Optimization Of Sources Of Financing Of Small And Medium Businesses

Table 4:

Indicators Determining the value of an indicator Characteristic indicator
EFL - financial leverage effect EFL= (ROA – i) (1-t) D/E It characterizes the return on invested capital, that is, an assessment of the efficiency of capital use
WACC - weighted average cost of capital WACC= E/V ke + D/V kd (1-t) It characterizes the effectiveness of invested capital on the basis of minimizing the costs of attracting it.
SGR - Sustainable growth rate It characterizes the possibilities of the company development in the conditions of mutually agreed marketing, production and financial requirements.
EVA - Economic Value Added EVA=NOPAT-WACC*IC, It characterizes the increase in owners' income, capital provides a rate of return on invested capital
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