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Dependence Of Motivating Motives On The Quality And Standard Of Life

Table 1:

Country Features of remuneration (generally, not one only possible option) Additional motivation tools
the USA Salaries depend on qualifications. Additional health insurance, training and professional development programs, corporate lunches, flexible working hours.
Japan Salaries depend on the work experience. Training of employees and their children, assistance in obtaining loans, housing, regular promotion due to a long stay in the company (work experience).
France Salaries are based on the evaluation of the cost of life. Flexible working hours, additional health and social insurance, corporate lunches.
Sweden Solidarity salary policy (equal pay for equal work). Participation of workers in the directors’ boards with voting rights, the possibility of working at home.
Russia The priority is monetary motivation, remuneration on the basis of average market tariffs. Additional medical and social insurance, compensation of part or full cost of sports passes.
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