Developing Of Bicycle Cafes On The Analysis Of Trends In Healthy Lifestyle


The global trend towards a healthy lifestyle is increasing its impact on consumer behaviour. A healthy lifestyle becomes not just a consumer trend, but gets formed into a certain ideology. People try to spend more time outdoors, start to do sports in parks and squares. Therefore, the relevance of research considering the possibilities of opening a cafe for adherents of sports and healthy lifestyle is quite high. The methodological basis has become the research of modern trends in catering, the impact of healthy lifestyle and sports on society as a whole. The work carried out SWOT analysis of business ideas, comparative analysis of existing cycle routes and park areas in Moscow, as well as the financial justification of the proposed project. In the process of work, it was revealed that the catering market is the most dynamic in megacities. Analysis of the Russian catering market and consumer preferences of people seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle have shown that the most promising for the creation of a network of bicycle cafes of the new format is the average price segment. In this niche there is the fiercest competition, as in megacities the market has a high degree of saturation. At the same time, consumers in this market tend to most acutely react to the emergence of something new in the niche, which forces the businesses to clearly shape their competitive advantages.

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In today's dynamic world, it is difficult to find and offer the consumer something unusual, especially in the catering market. It is also necessary to take into account the impact of modern trends on society and the economy of the country as a whole. The modern popularity of healthy lifestyles (HLS) and healthy eating tells us that people have begun to monitor their health and change their diet towards the consumption of natural foods. According to the latest data of the World Health Organization, a person's life expectancy is 60% dependent on his lifestyle, 30% - on heredity and ecology (15% each) and only 10% on medicine (Mamaeva, 2018; Kafanova, 2019). Therefore, the business idea of opening a network of bicycle cafes, which would meet the needs of the population, as well as be able to compete with other institutions, is relevant and corresponds to modern trends of society (Allan, Comerford, & McGregor, 2019; Chan, Prendergast, & Ng, 2016; Kirpicheva, 2015; Korytova, Garbuz, & Budrin, 2017; Kuznetsova, 2012; Michone & Zlobina, 2010; Astafyeva, Pukareva, & Pukareva, 2018; Astafeva, Osipova, Egorova, & Fomina, 2019).

Problem Statement

The modern global trend of healthy eating and HLS is gradually and confidently changing people's outlook and way of life. However, it is important to note that this fashion affects not only the individual, but the society as a whole. In Russia, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle should also be promoted and introduced to the masses to make it widely popular.

The trend of healthy food has had a very strong impact on the consumption patterns of the population. In particular, nowadays in megacities people have become more careful in choosing products, paying close attention to the composition and shelf life. This trend of consumers has a very strong impact on the structure of large retails, changing their range in the direction of increasing the share of natural products with a short shelf life. In small retail, small farm shops with a slant on proper nutrition began their active development.

There is an active propaganda of the HLS at the governmental level. The latest VTSIOM (All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center) research has revealed a fifteen percent increase in the number of Russian people doing sports between 2016 and 2018. The population considers the bicycle not only as a mode of transport, but also as a means for sports, at the moment there is the introduction of the bicycle into the public transport system in major cities. In particular, in Moscow and St. Petersburg there were created networks of bicycle stations and new types of rental (Administration of St. Petersburg, 2018; Shopolog, 2018). Not least was the role of the active promotion of healthy lifestyle on the governmental level. Today, mass sporting events and cycling festivals are organized at the municipal levels in different regions of our country. In particular, two cycling festivals and one bicycle parade were announced in Moscow. Also, a very big push to spreading and promotion of sports has had such a state measure as the revival and distribution of the GTO (physical training standard). Schoolchildren and students pass the standards for additional points when applying to universities or adding to the scholarship. In addition, in support of the spread of the tradition of passing physical training standards, some commercial organizations and government agencies give bonuses and incentives for passing the standards with gold badges.

We can also say that HLS has become an ideology to some extent. There are a lot of fitness bloggers on the Internet; the topic of healthy eating and physical culture comes to literature. And, as a result, such widespread distribution of this trend in the cultural environment has also affected the technical sphere: mobile applications are created which motivate people to exercise and do many other healthy things (calorie-counting applications).

Research Questions

The aim of the study is to analyze healthy lifestyle trends and assess opportunities for the implementation of a business project to organize a new format of bicycle cafes in Moscow. There was carried out a study of the business idea of opening a bicycle cafe in the conditions of the already developed in megacities catering culture and the growing popularity of healthy lifestyles. It is necessary to answer the question whether the proposed project can have a positive impact on the public market, will have enough audience to ensure its viability, and will be able to meet the demand of the population for natural food and sports nutrition.

Purpose of the Study

In addition to studying healthy lifestyle trends and describing business ideas, the task of the work is to analyze and make a portrait of a potential consumer. Park locations should be assessed to accommodate the bike cafes. It should be taken into account that the location of the cafe depends directly on the target audience. In the course of the study, it was revealed that despite the fact that the business idea of opening a bicycle cafe is fairly new; the competition for the catering market of this type of cafe will be comprised of almost all establishments that are associated with catering. In this regard, it is advisable to classify the establishments located on cycle routes and in park zones. SWOT analysis of a business idea will allow you to assess its viability and attractiveness.

Research Methods

The basic concept of the business idea is to open a network of bicycle cafes of a new format. Competitive advantage of the project will ensure the ability of visitors to take food or drinks while sitting on a bicycle. In this case, the bike will be parked in a special table-rack, which allows the bike to stand still without the extra efforts of the person. At the same time, there is no additional physical effort; in order not to fall off it, the bike is simply freely parked at the table-rack, which allows the cyclist to rest easy. The main target audience of these cafes will be cyclists, as cafe table-racks will be specifically designed for bicycles. However, the range of consumers can be expanded if you place these outlets in places of mass consumer congestion. In parks and pedestrian zones potential consumers will be not only those who run and do sports on the street, but also visitors to the park as a whole. That is why it is worth considering the whole mass of visitors to the cafe somewhat wider and classify by common major features.

When analyzing and compiling a portrait of a potential client, it should be noted that potential visitors to the cafe will be adherents of HLS, fans of sports and healthy food, as well as gastro tourism in both adolescence and old age. This choice is due to the fact that teenagers and young people tend to spend a lot of time and do sports on the street. Teenagers and non-working students cannot afford an annual season ticket to the gym as it nowadays costs too much money for them (on average 13,000-50,000 roubles), so young people are generally looking for inexpensive or free entertainment and sports. Also, the bike cafe can be of interest for older people who carefully monitor their health (often go for walks, run, control their weight and nutrition).

Potential clients will be both men and women. First, people, regardless of gender, care about their health in the same way; to date, the cult of healthy has affected all, and there were both men's sports diets and women's diets. Statistics show that the proportion of Russians who follow a healthy lifestyle rose from 38% to 60% between 2006 and 2018. At the same time, on average, the proportion of women is 15% higher than that of men (for 1,000 men there are 1,156 women). Secondly, to attract visitors you can use a personalized approach to the selection of menus (include low-calorie drinks for women and high-protein cocktails for men, and as a neutral position to introduce cocktails from BCAA and other amino acids to recover after training).

Also, among the consumers of the bike cafes there can be ordinary casual visitors to the location. Typically, their choices will fall to a few items on the menu such as milkshakes, freshly squeezed juices and lemonades, smoothies, cookies and snacks. Since the location of the cafe is determined by the target audience, you should choose the location among the places of the greatest concentration of potential customers. That is why it is advisable to have retail outlets on popular cycle routes, parks and recreational areas. Most of the cycle routes pass through busy avenues and noisy highways and do not involve wide pedestrian zones. As a result, the bulk of the routes are cut off, even though the facilities of the bike cafe do not require much space. We will highlight from the general mass suitable cycle routes with the possibilities and potential of accommodation.

Route 1 Nagatinskaya embankment - Moscow City

This route covers the whole embankment of the Moskva-river which is 29 km long and is one of the most popular routes both among tourists and among local cyclists. It has the following location: Nagatinskaya embankment - Red Square - Great Kremlin Square - Kremlin Embankment - Church of Christ the Savior - Luzhniki - Walk of Fame - Red Presnya Park - Moscow City. It also includes a shorter route "Moscow City - Crimean Bridge" which is 9 km long. The advantage of this route is that it passes through popular parks that have great potential accommodation. Each park will be reviewed and evaluated in detail below.

Route 2 Izmaylovskiy Park

There is no complete cycle route in Izmaylovskiy Park, but it is popular for a convenient bike path throughout the park. For the convenience of orienteering, there are signs in the park. Thanks to the specific location of the bike path, it is possible to get to several metro stations without having to return - "Izmaylovskaya," "Partisanskaya," "Shosse Enthusiastov." As a location Izmaylovskiy Park has a potential above average.

Park zones also differentiate from each other; they have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the location of cycling cafes in the parks will be influenced by many factors. The main criteria for selecting locations of this kind will be the following points: the presence of wide paths or squares, the number of visitors to the park, the number of competitors, the proximity to the roads (more specifically the noise from the roads will be taken into account), the view/beauty of nature, number of competitors, availability and number of municipal and private bike rentals. Each item will be judged by 10 points. The results of the analysis are presented in the Table 01 .

Analyzing the results of the assessment, preference should be given to those parks that scored the most points. If the scores are equal, the choice is given to an option that has more value in the Competition column. At the initial stage it is enough to open 5-7 establishments of the network of cafes. They will be located in the following parks in orderly priority: MSU and Vorobiovy Hills, Gorky Park, Victory Park, Kolomenskoe, Tsaritsyno.

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With a great interest in HLS, sports and healthy eating in the market of street cafes there can be distinguished a number of difficulties, which are primarily related to competition. Considering competition issues, it is necessary to take into account the location of cafes. Among the above options only those institutions will be considered that are on the cycle routes and the abovementioned parks. The classification of the competing facilities of the bike cafe is presented in Table 02 .

Table 2 -
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Specifying the competitive market, it is possible to distinguish potential direct competitors, which will attract the majority of customers, namely all the establishments belonging to the category of "mobile" as well as fast food kiosks. However, the advantage of a business idea over competitors, which will attract a large number of consumers, is the following. First, the racks will allow you not to part with the bike during meals and rest; cyclists will not need to keep an eye on them to avoid theft, which will give them a full rest while eating. Secondly, the focus on healthy eating will attract visitors, offering a healthier and more useful alternative to banal hot dog. Thirdly, the non-traditional food range for ordinary cafes is aimed at the audience, consisting of fans of sports nutrition, which will be winning in favor of the cafe.

In addition to competition in the catering market, the project is fraught with a number of complexities that are both general and special. General problems include: sanitary standards, a high degree of bureaucracy in obtaining permits and certification of catering establishments. These external factors are typical for all catering establishments. Specific difficulties are not so many, but some of them have a great direct impact. Such is the seasonality. People use bicycles with greater frequency in spring, summer and early autumn. This also confirms the fact that with the beginning of the summer season, the demand for bicycles traditionally increases. The weather also has a very big impact, as in rainy and cold weather people tend to spend time in shopping malls or at home than outdoors.

The network should be marketed through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte. Targeted advertisement will be purchased, which will be highlighted to a certain audience more often than all the others. Also, at the opening there will be launched a competition for the best photo with the hashtag of bike cafes in any social networks. This will allow to increase advertising promotion free of charge, as well as to launch "word of mouth promotion." It is also possible to establish cooperation and mutual advertising with mobile repair companies and provide discounts when presenting a coupon to a partner company. A huge plus in attracting the audience will be a free WI-FI, the password of which will be contained in the receipt. This will allow in the first stages of promotion to create the appearance of cafe congestion and popularity, as customers will linger for an additional short period of time in order to check social networks, mail and so on. The bike cafe loyalty program will increase sales and highlight the network among other competitors, as discounts and bonuses are coming gradually to the catering market in Russia. The results of the analysis on the implementation of the business idea are presented in Table 03 .

Table 3 -
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The study revealed that the healthy eating market in Russia tends to grow and will soon expand in the long term. Taking into account the fact that nowadays people have become more careful about their health and have begun to change their diets, giving their preference to natural products, the project described above has great potential and is designed for a fairly wide target audience. The network of bicycle cafes with healthy food can attract a wide range of consumers, because the range of the institution is the most versatile and suitable for both ordinary people walking in the park and professional athletes training outdoors.


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