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Social and Cultural Transformations in the Context of Modern Globalism (SCTCMG 2022)

Proceedings of the International Conference «Social and Cultural Transformations in the Context of Modern Globalism» (SCTCMG 2022), 19-21 April, 2022, Grozny, Chechen Republic, Russia

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About the Proceedings

The volume contains selected, peer-reviewed papers from the International Conference on Social and Cultural Transformations in the Context of Modern Globalism (SCTCMG 2022), 19-21 April, 2021, Complex Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Grozny, Russia.

127 full papers were subjected to a single-blind review process and 100 full papers were accepted for publication.

Four keynote speeches were made by the local distinguished scientists. Two plenary sessions were organized: North-Caucasus in the Global World, Novel Trends in Intercultural Intergration. Each session was comprised of six reports. Several workshops were organized. In the course of the meetings, participants had an opportunity to learn more about the North Caucasus, its culture, people and history. Thematics sessions were organized as follows:

  • Science, religion and art in cultural discourse,
  • Cultural and historical legacy preservation,
  • Problems and prospects of philology and journalism,
  • Focal problems of linguistics and literary studies,
  • Interrelation between humanities, engineering, social and natural sciences,
  • Relevant issues of legal philosophy,
  • Lifelong learning: psychological, pedagogical, philosophical aspects,
  • Ecosystems of engineering entrepreneurship,
  • Science as a social enterprise,
  • Ethics and moral responsibility of an engineer

The detailed programme of the conference is available at and the conference website is available at


Sociolinguistics linguistics semantics discourse analysis translation interpretation