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Psychosocial Risks in Education and Quality Educational Processes

Proceedings of the III Congreso Internacional de Psicología en la Educación (CIPE 2020), 21-23 October, 2020, Ibarra – Ecuador

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About the Proceedings

The volume contains selected, peer-reviewed papers from the III Congreso Internacional de Psicología en la Educación (CIPE 2020), 21-23 October, 2020, Ibarra – Ecuador.

The 3rd International Congress of Educational Psychology with the theme “Psychosocial risks in education and quality educational processes” in collaboration with the American Psychological Association, offers contributions dedicated to the field of psychology and education; in particular the delicate but inextricable balance between psychosocial wellbeing and quality educational attainment for students. As such, insights into the importance of the role of the professional psychologist in educational institutions; provision of continuous learning opportunities in the field of psychology and education; ways to attain comprehensive health and wellbeing; management and quality of education; pedagogical processes as well as social development and human behavior would be of great interest to those with vested interests in psychology and education.

The review process for the papers was stringent. The 34 full papers presented at the conference and were subjected to a double-blind review process and 14 of them accepted for publication. Full text papers’ thematic sections were distributed based on 3 lines of research:

  • Comprehensive health and well-being
  • Management, quality of education, pedagogical processes and languages
  • Social development and human behavior

The detailed programme of the conference is available at

This volume has been sponsored by:

Red de Instituciones de Educación Superior Ecuador-Colombia REDEC

Departamento de Psicología de la Universidad de Nariño


Universidad de Nariño

American Psychological Association (APA)

Universidad Santiago de Compostela


Health well-being comprehensive health psychosocial risks education pedagogical processes social development human behavior