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Education Facing Contemporary World Issues - EDU WORLD 2022

Proceedings of the 9th International Conference Education Facing Contemporary World Issues (Edu World 2022), 3-4 June, 2022, University of Pitești, Pitești, Romania

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About the Proceedings

The volume contains selected, peer-reviewed papers from the 9th International conference Edu World 2022 with the main theme “Education Facing Contemporary World Issues”, EDUWORLD 2022, which encompasses a collection of double peer-reviewed papers on various topics related to the educational sciences and that was jointly organized by University of Pitești and University of Bucharest, Romania, on 3rd – 4th, 2022, June.

Edu World Conference is organized once at every two years, since 2004. It has grown from edition to edition and become one of the most important conferences on education in Romania. Since its 1st edition in 2004, the conference become one of the most important events in educational sciences in Romania with a continuous growing of its audience and support of the relevant actors in educational field. It gathers scholars form almost all universities in Romania and covers an extensive list of educational subjects that are considered important for teachers and specialists in education. It is an important event that experts are looking for and that contribute to identify and apply various solutions for numerous challenges that the practitioners are facing their educational activity or the universities or other institutions involved in the educational fields. Edu World Conference is the most awaited educational event of the year, the scholars being very interested to participate and to find what the conclusions and the direction for action agreed.

230 manuscripts underwent a rigorous double peer-review process to ensure their alignment with the conference's theme and adherence to its standards and 148 manuscripts were accepted for publication. The proceedings cover a various subjects related to the educational theory and practice. From educational policies to teacher education, from elearning to vocational training, the proceedings offer a numerous opportunity for theorists and practitioners to get involved in the contemporary discourse of education. It focuses on the most important issues that educators are facing in today societal settings. In the actual society, education must be redefined in order to adapt to contemporary challenges and to refine its responses and solutions.

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