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Simulation Of The Electromechanical Device Response To Vibration Impact

Table 1: Numeric values of the parameters of the electromechanical system

Parameter Value
The number of turns of the electromagnet windings N W =1880
Cross-sectional area of the magnetic circuit S C =1,772*10-3m2
The length of the path of the magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit and the yoke l C =156,15*10-3m
The magnetic permeability of the magnetic circuit μ r =500
Initial air gap d 0 =0,75*10-3m
Resistance of the electromagnet winding R W =35 Ω
Yoke weight m m =51,7*10-3kg
Viscous drag coefficient =100 Ns/m
Yoke suspension stiffness coefficient k S =3,252*106N/m
Constant component of magnetization current I DC = {0,1 0,2 0,3} А
Shunt resistance R S = {1, 500, 2*103, 5*103} Ω
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