State And Legal Aspects Of Linguistic Competence Of Lawyers


The article refers to the language competence of lawyers projected on to the modern system of communicative and cultural-linguistic coordinates and the state language policy in the context of globalization, ethnic and cultural heterogeneity of modern Russia. The main aspects of linguistic and communicative competence in the professional sphere are identified: the improvement of ideas about the Russian language as a state symbol and a factor of ethnic, civil and state identity, as well as about the cultural and educational potential of the Russian language in the context of national and world culture; the profiling of teaching Russian language and culture of speech in a law school based on the communication specifics and speech practice of lawyers, who traditionally use language as a professional activity. The civic individual maturity is manifested in mastering literary language so its potential, advantages and functions are the primary focus of the article along with the core terminological categories of “national language”, “state language”, “literary language”. Relying on the complex of sociolinguistic approaches to the language analysis, language situation and language policy through the comparative-historical, communicative and cognitive methods of modern Russian studies, the authors conclude that the teaching of Russian language and culture of speech in modern universities requires more than just utilitarian needs of professional communication and cross-cultural communication, but also awareness of the role of Russian language as a translator of Russian culture, a means of intercultural integration in Russia and the modern world and ideological framework of state policy.

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20 January 2022

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