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The subject of the article is English legal terminology, and its object is the study of the types of definitions used in the legal terminology of the English language. The terminological studies have been topical for decades and they are still relevant as terms do not only denote special notions, but also provide specific information. This information in law is encoded not only in legal texts (theoretical or legislative), but also in definitions which equal the meanings of the terms. Definitions are inseparable units of legal communication and legal discourse, predetermining legal thinking and reasoning. The purpose of the paper is to consider various types of legal definitions in English from the point of view of ways of linguistic representation of legal information and to find out, whether the system of legal definitions in English fits their general typology. The methodology of the paper is based on the descriptive analysis of definitions, which were selected from legal dictionaries and analysed from the point of view of the structural components of the definitions. As a result, all possible variants of definitions found in logic and linguistics were found and described. The conclusion was made about the coincidence of logic in defining the objects in various modern branches of science and art.

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