Effective Criteria Of Legislation In The Field Of Environmental Safety


The article deals with the problems of environmental safety considering ecological friendliness in legislative acts. The authors analyze modern global and national environmental challenges. It is established that not all countries act too immediately on developing new environmental problems taking on a dramatic proportions throughout the world. Internal environmental problems are identified, that, taking into account their harm and the extent of their expansion, can pass into the category of global environmental challenges (air and water pollution in cities, an increase of production and consumer waste). The authors find out whether modern environmental threats are taken into consideration when developing laws in the sphere of environmental safety. Besides, on the basis of the analysis of the legislation, the authors show the problem of mixing the categories of "environmental challenges" and "environmental threats" and offered a criterion for differentiating these categories. The environmental factors are determined, which should be taken into account when developing environmental legislation defining the goals of legal regulation, the mechanism for implementing the norms, and the financial mechanism. The principles for determining environmental factors in legislation are developed (the complex nature of environmental problems; priority in the protection of some natural objects over others; permanent or continuous implementation of ecological compliance measures; efficiency in identifying urgent environmental threats and challenges). In conclusion, in order to determine the effectiveness of legal rules in the ecological compliance sphere, the authors propose criteria for the effectiveness of legislation of the national, regional and local levels.

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20 January 2022

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