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Reflective Analysis Of The Subjects’ Readiness Levels For Inclusive Economic Realities

Table 1: The essence of the technology we developed for reflexive analysis of the subjects’ readiness level to work in inclusive realities

Elements of the subjects' readiness levels Elements’ essence
Dominants of verbal associations to the term "inclusive economy" Verbal associations are used when testing respondents to a deeper intrinsic subconscious perception of the, in which verbal associations contain a certain logic of systemic terminological representations; they reveal the entire completeness and content of the perceived term.
Dominants of color and shape associations to the term "inclusive economy" Analysis through the color reactions of psycho emotional perception by respondents of the term allows minimizing the logical thinking influence, and actualizing the emotional perception attraction. Further, it is supposed to establish a relationship between the color scheme and its natural perception by the respondents. The positions deciphering is carried out according to known psychological codes.
Dominants in determining the participationsubjects in an inclusive economy The existing experience-based selection of subjects that require a special approach for their successful inclusion in the economic life of society. In this case, the breadth of the term perception is determined both vertically and horizontally, in the spatial-social chronotype.
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