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Modeling The Assessment Of Technogenic Risks Impact At Arctic Enterprises

Table 3: Boundaries of the oil products bottling zone under various emergency scenarios

Accident scenario Shape and areaOil spill Secondary ES (N)
Spill firepetroleum product in the area Explosion, safe distance from the epicenter (m):-Human-Display zone Radius of impact of high-temperature combustion products of petroleum products in open space from "fire-flash", m
Destruction of a ground vertical steel tank Complex shapewith an area of 20361.1 m2(layer thickness 0.05 - 0.46 m) 20361.1 m2 829.31403 444.26
Destruction of an onshore process pipeline Complex shapearea of 1848.4 m2(layer thickness up to 0.05 m) 1848.4 m2 372.7630.4 201.27
Destruction of the onshore process pipeline in the area of possible impact on the lake Complex shape235 m2(layer thickness up to 0.394 m) 235 m2 71.7124.6 101.90
Complex shape235 m2(layer thickness up to 0.394 m) 670 m2 148.8254.8 144
Complex shape990 m2(layer thickness up to 0,094 m) 990 m2 194.7332.2 163.79
Complex shape5400 m2(layer thickness up to 0,017 m) 5400 m2 618.7104 286.70
Complex shape640 m2(layer thickness up to 0,145 m) 640 m2 144.1247 141.83
Complex shape300 m2(layer thickness up to 0,308 m) 300 m2 85.1147.3 110.45
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