Effective Option Of Sugar Beet Harvesting Technology


The rationale for the choice of optimal solutions for efficient variant of sugar beet harvesting technology alternative is suggested. Harrington's function for the formation of desirability scales and weight coefficients of particular evaluation indicators of technology when calculating a generalized complex criterion for its evaluation, the maximum value of which determines the best option, has been modernized. Thus, variants of cleaning sugar beet harvesting by different ways technology (one- or two-phase, with transfer to field or without clamps it) and beet harvesting machinery with its co-ma-economic indicators are compared. The dependences of the conversion of the estimated indicators of beet harvesters with the actual values according to the results of production tests into dimensionless ones for the y' scale were obtained, according to which the Harrington desirability function is calculated, and then a generalized criterion for a comprehensive assessment of beet harvesters and an analysis of the influence of the weight coefficients of the estimated indicators on the calculation results. Based on studies an effective alternative cleaning technologies of sugar beet self-propelled combines WKM-9000 of the six studied harvesters has been established. Generalized evaluation criterion complex cleaning technologies said harvester has a maximum value tends to unity, which amounted to 0.925 when calculating the weighting coefficients with performance indicators and 0.711 - without them. The directions of improving harvesters having substantially inferior to the best embodiment of the generalized estimation criterion are given.

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