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Features Of The "Dark Triad" And Professional Motivation Of University Students

Table 1: Descriptive statistics of participants and variables

Variable Total N=58 Variable Total N=58
The value of a university 4th year 2,25±1,853rd year 2,71±0,882nd year 1,99±0,74 Knowledge acquisition 4th year 1,98±1,733rd year 1,8±0,772nd year 2,03±0,99
Form of education 4th year 1,93±1,833rd year 1,99±0,842nd year 1,42±0,83 Support from the supervisor 4th year -0,16±1,833rd year 2,12±1,012nd year 1,80±0,79
Content of the course 4th year 1,83±1,693rd year 1,58±0,732nd year 1,73±0,95 Narcissism 4th year 21±3,223rd year 23,61±4,52nd year 25,8±5,74
Interest in the discipline 3rd year 1,9±1,022nd year 1,91±0,78 Machiavellianism 3rd year 30,76±3,42nd year 26,8±4,32
Getting a degree 4th year 1,81±1,633rd year 1,08±0,932nd year 2,09±0,67 Psychopathy 4th year 20,62±1,53rd year 21,92±3,282nd year 20,48±4,74
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