Improvement Of Approximation Dependences Of Deformation Diagrams Of Concrete Of Different Strength


The analysis technique of statically undeterminable framed/ lattice structures, both physically and geometrically nonlinear systems, factoring in actual reinforced concrete stiffness matrices, allows taking into account several factors. They influence the deformability/stress-strain capacity of the system, which are not considered when applied for calculating by elastic methods. When computing the strength and deformability of the efforts in cross-section, which is normal to the longitudinal axis of the element, it is determined according to a nonlinear deformation model using the balance equations of external forces and internal forces in the section of the element. Besides, the connection between the axial strain and relative deformations of concrete and reinforcement is accepted as diagrams of the status (deformation) of concrete and reinforcement. For this purpose, the researchers pre-test materials for single-axis and biaxial tension, compression, and bending. The paper compares the diagrams obtained as a result of applying this dependence to approximated and experimental diagrams of other authors. The comparison is performed for concretes with different mechanical characteristics, as well as for epoxy-polyamide films. In such a case, the elastic part of the compression diagram is characterized by a straight/right line. The segment where the material demonstrates creeping and non-linearity properties can be interpolated using the polynomial of degree 3 proposed by the author. Finally, it was found out that the piecewise linear dependence that the authors proposed allows one to obtain diagrams with satisfactory accuracy that agree with the other authors’ experimental data.

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21 June 2021

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