Finite Element For Structural Analysis Of Fragile Structurally Heterogeneous Reinforced Materials


The constructions made of fragile, structurally heterogeneous materials should be estimated according to the limit states criteria both using methods adopted from standard-setting instruments, and numerical algorithms from the laws of construction mechanics, in particular applying the finite element method (FEM) by the stepping and iterative calculations and the main principles of solid mechanics. In this paper, the researchers propose a new finite element for calculating structures made of a heterogeneous medium neighbouring with a metal component. The finite element allows one to take into account the amounts of materials in its stiffness matrix. This finite element also contains information about the physical nonlinearity of its constituent materials. Nonlinearity is considered based on material strain diagrams. The new stiffness matrix for a heterogeneous nonlinear finite element is inspired by the idea of combining the amounts of materials by that of the entire finite element. Broadly described, the bottom line is that the characteristics of materials, such as modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio, are replaced by specific, heterogeneous characteristics. Computer programs were designed and registered to calculate structures from heterogeneous media. The authors calculated numerically a structure made of heterogeneous material with a metal component and attained distinctive results by this investigation. They also could conclude about the ways the proposed stiffness matrix might be applied.

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21 June 2021

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