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The Category Of “Continuity”: General And Special In Its Study And Understanding

Table 2:

Necessarysigns the concepts The essence of this feature of the concept Stages of formation of integrative concepts and skills
I. Concept basis II. Сoncept core III. Consequences IV. General interpretation
Generalization It is realized not only at the level of generalization of ideas, but also with the expansion of the general scientific volume of integrative concepts. ** *
Irreversibility It is associated not so much with emotional memory as with the systematization of content-semantic interdisciplinary connections. * *
Coagulation It is determined not so much by the brevity of definitions as by the clarity of their relation to the system of ideas of the natural -scientific picture of the world. * *
System It has an objective connection not only with the stage of development of concepts , but also with the possibility of identifying a system of natural science ideas. * *
Phasing It is connected with the possibility of establishing not only informational, but also chronological interdisciplinary connections. * *
Reflexivity It appears in the form of both direct and delayed reflection. * *
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