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Role Of Tourist Technology Platforms After The Pandemic

Table 1:

Impact Current consequences from the pandemic Predicted consequences
Impact on demand Threat to the life and safety of tourists.Cancellation of tourist trips. Monetary losses. Travel restrictions and bans.Loss of benefits and points for travel loyalty.Negative impressions of tourists upon returning home. Quarantines and social distancing. Changes in the structure of demand. Growth of interest in domestic tourism and local recreation. Growth of demand for products that increase immunity, form a healthy lifestyle. Growth of demand for organic products and green tourism.Individualization and customization of demand.Increased demand for online sales. Growth of demand for virtual events, festivals, entertainment. Reassessment of what is necessary for happiness. Restructuring of tourist priorities.
Impact on offer Decrease in turnover, revenue and profit. Increased costs of measures to ensure additional security in the provision of services. Monetary losses.Unemployment growth. Replacement of business travels with meetings on virtual platforms. Cost optimization in enterprises. A global slowdown in travel leading to reduced pollution, overtourism. Acceleration of technological innovation and change. Growth of technology platforms. Business focus on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and promoting natural and healthy products. Improvement of safety and health management system for tourists and employees. Working out the safety system in relation to each tourist product, hygiene standards. Integration and implementation of various technologies in the provision of services. Expansion of e-commerce. The introduction of a new health insurance against coronavirus, a vaccination certificate.
Impact on state and regional tourism policy Changes in the visa regime. Expansion of e-government services. Virtualization of teaching and learning processes. Support activities for vulnerable industries, including tourist enterprises, restaurants, etc. Compliance with the principles of responsible tourism when planning the arrangement of tourist areas. Formation of an eco-oriented tourism economy. Changes in health insurance. Tightening of visa regimes. Expansion of interaction with partners, stakeholders of the destination in the field of tourism.
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