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Socio-Economic Impact On Social Tourism

Table 2:

Impact Social tourism as a whole Youth tourism Senior tourism Tourism for financially disadvantaged families Accessible tourism
Positive Reduced stress A sense of independence Overcoming social exclusion (Klimova, 2018) Improving self-esteem and self-confidence Improving mental health for people with disabilities Coping with travel and post-travel fears (McCabe et al., 2010)
Strengthening family ties, social inclusion (Minnaert et al., 2006) Expanding social interaction Fighting fears and loneliness, reducing tension between older and younger generations in the family, keeping in touch with members of the tourist group (Mangunsong, 2020) Changing attitudes towards other family members, spending time together, changing parenting style Providing social interaction
Negative Generating social stigma Tensions with friends and colleagues in the community Uncertainty and anxiety Fear of disclosing family income levels due to the use of social tourism services (Harrison, 2008) Uncertainty and anxiety
Post-travel syndrome (Harrison, 2008)
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