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Strategy Types Of Biggest Russian Companies As They Declare It

Table 3:

Company Development strategy The strategic goal Growth 2010-2019, times (in RUB)
By gross revenue By market value
Rosneft Rosneft-2022 A new quality of company thru synergy and competitiveness growth 5.5 2.0
Gazprom Not specified Keeping a leading position in the world thru diversification of consumers 2.3 1.3
Sberbank Sberbank-2020 Realization of initiatives that lead to global competitiveness 4.0 2.5
Lukoil Program of strategic development 2018-2027 "Sustainable organic growth." 2.5 2.7
Russian Railways Development strategy to 2030 Twelve different goals 1.9 -
Surgutneftegaz Not declared Fuzzy 3.0 1.7
X5 Strategy for every three years Be first-choice company for customers, best workplace for employees 5.0 1.6
VTB Strategy 2019-22 Empowerment of client-oriented model 3.3 0.8
Magnit Strategy for 2020 To be a favorable shop for every family 6.0 0.9
Rosseti Strategy 2030 Efficiency, reliability, balance of interests 1.9 1.7
Transneft Strategy of Transneft Development of main gas pipelines in Russia 2.7 2.0
Inter RAO Development strategy for 2020 To be a key actor on the world energy market 0.85 1.1
Tatneft Development strategy for 2020 Market value increasing to 36 bln USD 3.3 5.5
Novatek Development strategy 2018-2030 To be a global gas company thru the resource base increasing 7.5 5.5
Evraz n.a. To be the global mining and metallurgical company 2.0 n.d.
NLMK Strategy 2019-22 To be a world-class efficiency leader. 3.0 1.5
Norilsky Nikel Strategy 2019-25 Growth based on first-class assets, value creation, responsibility for capital, and social responsibility 1.9 3.1
GK Megapolis n.a. n.a. 2.0 n.d.
Rusal Strategy 2016-2021 Based on the shared vision, respect, and responsibility 1.9 n.d.
Aeroflot Strategy 2028 To be the leading world air-company 4.3 1.7
Sibur-holding n.a. Fuzzy 2.3 n.d.
Severstal Development strategy for 2023 To be a leader by Total Shareholders Return. 2.7 2.6
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