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Sociocultural Features Of Lean Technique Adoption At Russian Enterprises

Table 1:

Goal Tool
Planned Successfully implemented
1 to improve product quality 5S; Root Cause Analysis; Kanban 5S (!); Kanban (!)
2 to increase managerial process transparency Hoshin Kanri; Gemba; Kaizen Hoshin Kanri; Kaizen
3 to increase the level of customer satisfaction with the company’s products SMART; VSM (Value Stream Mapping) VSM (Value Stream Mapping)
4 to make the company’s employees more engaged in production process and more motivated Root Cause Analysis; SMART; Hoshin Kanri; Gemba; Kaizen Hoshin Kanri; Kaizen
5 to reduce resource losses Continuous Flow; Heijunka; Poka-Yoke; Kaizen; Root Cause Analysis, TPM Kaizen; Muda
6 to reduce product quality control costs Root Cause Analysis; Kaizen Kaizen; Muda
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