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Economical Analysis Of Preventive Measures For Decreasing Absenteeism And Presenteeism In Organizations

Table 2:

No. Consequences of absence from work for the organisation
Group 1. Consequences for staff
1. Additional workload on colleagues
2. Denial of leave for an employee
3 Deterioration of the organisational environment
4. Professional degradation of employees
Group 2. Consequences for management
5. Complications in planning work
6. Replacement of absent employees
7. Adaptation of an employee who is temporarily standing in for an absent employee
8. Coordination of staff movement
9. Organisational activities, including payment for overtime work
Group 3. Marketing consequences
10. Loss of image
11. Unsatisfied clients
Group 4. Financial consequences
12. Coordination expenses
13. Costly (social) service
Group 5. Production consequences
14. Production fault
15. Loss of quality
16. Decrease in turnover
17. Decrease in work performance
18. Possible damage of unfamiliar machines and equipment by employees replacing those who are absent from work
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