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Digital Transformation Of Government Services: A Longitudinal Case Study Of Tax Service

Table 4:

Personal Account Tax calculators Feedback Background information Business Registration / Business Risks
Legal entity Tax calculator - calculation of patent value; choice of a tax regime Scheduling appointments Rates and benefits of property taxes Business registration
Individual Insurance premium calculator Apply to the Russian FTS; learn about the complaint Letters from the FTS to the regional tax authorities Start your own business
Individual entrepreneur Transport tax calculator, land tax and property tax on an individual Address and payment details of your inspection Normative and methodological materials Transparent business
Professional income tax payer (self-employed) Calculator for calculating the tax burden Forum of the FTS website; questionnaire Decisions on complaints; frequently asked questions Test yourself and your counterpart
Taxpayer of a foreign organization What kind of a regime is good for my business? Technical support for services Information stands; mailing list of the FTS website -
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