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Digital Transformation Of Government Services: A Longitudinal Case Study Of Tax Service

Table 1:

Through the FTS regional authorities and multifunctional centres Through the FTS online services and the Integrated portal for state services (IPSS)
recording and use of the electronic queue card;an explanation of the subject matter;obtaining information from a specialist on the procedure and time frame for the provision of the service;assessment of accessibility and quality of service searching for the necessary service on the FTS site / recording for reception at a regional authorities of the FTS;study of information on the procedure for the provision of services and the establishment of referrals;monitoring status, results, accessibility and quality of service
Receipt of tax returns (on a limited list of declarations for each form of organization)
recording and use of the electronic queue card;declaration / to be completed in cooperation with a specialist;registration of the declaration issued by the specialist of the FTS regional authority / submission of the declaration by a multifunctional centre specialist to the FTS regional authority authorisation in the personal account on the FTS website / authorisation in the IPSS website;the choice of the necessary service;completion of the declaration;electronic transmission of the declaration to the FTS regional authority;monitoring the status of service delivery
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