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Personnel Recruitment Design As A Basis For Digitalization Of Corporate Governance

Table 2:

Levels Project work
1 2
X Recruitment
X Sending an application for recruiting personnel to departments
Х Analysis of completed applications
Х Compilation of a job profile based on job descriptions, professiograms
Х Determination of recruitment methods
Х Creation of a vacancy announcement based on the job profile and its publication
Х Staff selection
Х Receiving and primary processing of information about candidates, analysis of responding candidates for compliance with the criteria stated in the announcement
Х Formation of a list of candidates for further evaluation
Х Conducting a preliminary telephone interview to determine compliance with the key requirements of the position
Х Formation of a list of applicants who meet the requirements of a vacant position at this stage for an individual interview
Х Identifying assessment tools to determine the candidate's level of compliance with the job profile requirements
Х Filling in of the application forms by the applicant
Х Candidate passing professional and psychological testing
Х Determination of factors that need detailed study and sources of information
Х Conducting an individual interview (recruiter, head of a structural unit)
Х Analysis of the results of the assessment of the individual interview. Determination of the candidate most suitable for the job requirements
Х Hiring
Х Checking the candidate by the security service
Х Referral for medical examination
Х Familiarization of the employee with working conditions, schedule, safety precautions
Х Filling out personal documents of the candidate. Drawing up an order for employment
Х Registration of an employment contract
Х Making an entry in a work book, personal card and other documents
Х Orientation program for a beginner
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