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Introduction Of Digital Technologies In Quality Control Processes Of Low-Rise Construction

Table 3:

AdvantagesLocation within the city of Kazan, possibility of registration and use of social infrastructureUnique Japanese quality (10 year warranty)Unique for the market eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction technologiesUnique offer for the market with finishing and kitchenHigh-quality leisure infrastructure within walking distance: sports center, restaurant, walking areaThe necessary social infrastructure is located in the Derbyshki microdistrict, which is 5-10 minutes away by car from the projectHigh quality of construction works and materialsHigh energy efficiency due to the technologies usedTrust in the Japanese brand and a 10-year warranty on the supporting structure, 2 years for finishing DisadvantagesLack of walking distance to the most popular infrastructure objects such as a kindergarten and a storeProximity to the M7 highwayHigh traffic on highways leading to the projectIn the near future, the transport accessibility of the sections will not changeHigh cost compared to the standard lower quality offerConsumer preferences in favor of brick housesLow customer focus on environmental friendliness and energy efficiencyBuyers' concerns about fire safety of wooden housesHigh cost compared to the standard lower quality offer
ProspectsExpanding the image of a quality product from home ownership to the scale of a cottage settlementWith the growth of tariffs for communal services, the demand for energy-efficient home will increaseAs the market develops, customers will realize the benefits of purchasing a finished turnkey productIn the future, a kindergarten and a school should be implemented next to the projectIn the future, transport accessibility of the project will improve in 10-15 years, but this will happen outside the project horizonAttracting market attention to the unique technology, quality and environmental friendliness of the product RisksTraditionally, the poor attitude of consumers to light-frame houses.The consumer does not know the JWT technologyPreferences for brick housesIncreased loads on highways and reduced transport accessibility of the projectIf household incomes decline, the demand for quality and technology will decreaseThe design may not match the customer's taste preferencesIf household incomes decline, the demand for quality and technology will decreaseNon-compliance with technologies by local contractors
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