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Financial Technologies As Tool For Ensuring Financial Security And Managing Enterprise Finances

Table 2:

The objectives for implementing the direction related to the sustainable development of the national financial system are (Paragraph 1 is constructed in accordance with paragraph 19 of Section III of the Strategy of economic security of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030): Objectives for implementing the direction related to maintaining the financial system and strengthening the financial stability of the enterprise:
1) reducing the critical dependence of the national monetary system from the market fluctuations on international financial and commodity markets; 1) providing financial resources for the economic activity of the enterprise, building cash budgets based on the budget of income and expenses
2) decrease in the use of foreign currency when conducting business in the Russian jurisdiction; 2) decrease in the use of resources within the national economy, measured in units equivalent to foreign currency
3) development of internal (national) sources of long-term financial resources, ensuring the accumulation rate sufficient for the sustainable development of the national economy; 3) preservation and rational use of the company's fixed and working capital, attraction of long-term financial sources in the national currency,
4) development of mechanisms and tools for investment-oriented state financial policy, including increasing the rate of accumulation, as well as attracting savings for the implementation of investment projects; 4) refinancing of own funds received in the form of profit, creation of development funds, attracting private investments, the expansion of the holders of the preference shares for the companies' development,participation in the award of government grants and government support programs, etc.
5) improvement of specialized tools to support lending of strategic sectors of the economy, high-tech industries; 5) organization of relations with the financial and credit system and other economic entities, conducting R&D (research and development), selecting appropriate innovative solutions for production development, updating the technological process
6) development of the infrastructure of the national financial market, national payment system, national payment card system and financial message transmission system; 6) ensuring timely payments for the enterprise's obligations to the budget, banks, suppliers and employees, the use of guaranteed banking products based on state-of-the-art financial technologies
7) improvement of financial organizations regulation, development of prudential supervision system and stress testing methods; 7) choosing reliable partners to ensure the security of the enterprise's own financial resources,
8) combating the transfer of non-cash funds to the shadow circulation of cash and legalization of incomes obtained by predicate economic crimes; 8) financial management of the company, taking into account all requirements of the Federal law No. 115 of 07.08.2001 (as amended on 20.07.2020) "On countering the legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained by crime and the financing of terrorism", (including article 6.1. and others) (Financial management in the field of fulfilling all requirements of the Federal law "On countering the legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained by crimes and the financing of terrorism")Satisfying the requirements of the tax legislation
9) ensuring the stability and balance of the budget system of the Russian Federation, including state extra-budgetary funds; 9) monitoring the financial stability of the enterprise and maintaining the balance of assets and liabilities in a ratio that ensures the level of financial indicators
10) improving the management of public financial assets and debt obligations 10) organization of effective financial management at the enterprise, identification of reserves for the use of financial resources of the enterprise
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