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Impact Of Erp Systems Implementation On Financial Decision-Making Process

Table 1:

The stage of financial decision-making The most significant transformational change Number of responses from respondents who highlighted the corresponding change Causes of transformational change Number of responses from respondents who identified the corresponding reasons of the change
Collecting and evaluating information necessary for making a financial decision Significantly reduce the time spent collecting information 35 - Work of all users in one information system- Uniform rules for entering information- Standardization of business processes 241912
Monitoring the results of financial decision-making Increasing the transparency of the monitoring process 31 - Increasing the availability of information- The mandatory process of entering information- Regularity of the information input process 211715
- implementation of a financial desicion; Increasing the level of personal responsibility for the implementation of the decision 29 - Fixation of the responsible persons in the information system- General division of responsibility areas- The use of mandatory informing means 20117
Setting a financial goal Increasing the level of financial goal specification 27 - The appearance of a sufficient amount of information- Increasing the speed of obtaining information- Improving the quality of information 231814
Making a financial decision Slowing down financial decision-making 22 - Making comparisons with similar decisions made earlier- Use of additional analytical information- Comparison with planned indicators, if possible 16138
Identifying options for achieving the financial goal The sample survey did not reveal any transformational changes at this stage of financial decision-making
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