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Methods For Assessing The Heterogeneity Of Life Quality Of Russian Federation Subjects

Table 5:

Key indicator Mimimum Maximum Variation
Subject of the Russian Federation Meaning Subject of the Russian Federation Meaning
Average per capita income of the population (thousand rubles) Republic Of Tyva 14.8 Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district 82.26 0.446
Life expectancy at birth, years Chukotka Autonomous District 63.58 Republic of Ingushetia 82.41 0.034
The total area of residential premises, on average per inhabitant, sq. m Republic Of Tyva 14.1 Moscow region 32.7 0.143
Percentage of the population aged 15 and over with a higher education, % Jewish Autonomous region 23 Moscow 49.7 0.163
The rate of natural increase / decrease of population per 1,000 people Tula region -7.9 Chechen Republic 16.3 3.945
Provision of pre-school children with places in organizations that carry out educational activities under educational programs of pre-school education, supervision and care of children, there are places per 1000 children, people Republic Of Dagestan 253 Chukotka Autonomous District 1002 0.196
Number of hospital beds per 10,000 people Republic of Ingushetia 44.4 Chukotka Autonomous District 131.3 0.163
Number of dispensary and health organizations Nenets Autonomous District 6 Moscow region 1123 0.859
The capacity of dispensary and health and polyclinic organisations, visits per shift Nenets Autonomous District 1206 Moscow 390332 1.096
Gross regional product per capita, rub Republic of Ingushetia 114844 Nenets Autonomous District 6288468 1.159
Absolute volume of investments in fixed assets, million rubles (in actual prices) Republic Of Tyva 10485 Moscow 2429320 1.564
Number of small enterprises per 10,000 people Chechen Republic 19 St. Petersburg 424 0.484
The share of paved roads in the total length of public roads, % Chukotka Autonomous District 39.2 Belgorod region 91.2 0.196
The density of railway lines of general use Republic of Sakha Yakutia 2 St. Petersburg 3082 1.840
The density of public roads with hard surface (end of year; kilometres of ways per 1000 square km) Chukotka Autonomous District 1.2 Moscow 2524 1.377
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