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Covid Impact On Marketing And Sustainable Development

Table 2:

Factors Trends Cases
Economical Use of manufacturing capacities for medical products manufacturingChange of operating models (contactless delivery, remote employees)Acceleration of digital transformation Development of products for people and medical institutions based on own manufacturing facilities (Mercedes, Tesla, Louis Vuitton)Contactless delivery (Yandex Food, Yandex Lavka, Sbermarket)
Social Providing support to state, medical and public organizationsLaunch of social programs aimed at supporting certain groups of the populationEnsuring consumer safety as part of corporate social responsibility Ensuring staff safety Appeals for staying home (Lamoda, S7 Airlines bonuses)Free resources for medical institutions and non-profit organizations (Dove, Henkel Russia, Amway)Free delivery and meals for doctors (Domino's Pizza, Electrolux)Raising funds for physicians (Gogol Center)Sterilization of medical devices (Rosatom)Free masks and disinfectants
Ecological The choice between ecology and economicsIncrease of medical waste volume Refusing to minimize disposable plastics
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