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Improvement Of The Personnel Certification System On The Example Of Industrial Enterprise

Table 5:

Competency groups Competence levels
Corporate competencies
Leadership 5
Skill to work in team 5
Loyalty 5
Result orientation 5
Self-development orientation 4
Innovative ability 4
Initiative 4
High level of communication skills 5
Compliance with Business Ethics 5
Management competencies
Strategic vision 5
Team building and management 5
Employee development 5
Planning and control 5
Delegation of authority 5
Prompt management decision making 5
Analytical thinking 5
Personnel motivation management 5
Ability to negotiate 5
Professional competence
Independent development of quality standards for the enterprise 5
Control of compliance with legislation in the field of incoming inspection of materials 5
Control and implementation of quality measures 5
Management of preparation for certification and attestation 5
Management and implementation of a quality management system 5
Audit of activities carried out within the department 4
Organization of work to improve the quality of goods (works or services) 5
Ensuring operational control at all stages of production development 5
Managing the analysis of complaints, identifying the reasons for the release of defects, reducing the quality of products, deteriorating the quality of work and violations of production technology, developing measures to eliminate these reasons 5
Verification of incoming material stocks for compliance with their quality requirements of standards and specifications 5
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