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Features Of Corporate Innovation Risk Management

Table 2:

Risk name The essence
The risk of originality The probability that the idea will become morally obsolete and become unclaimed by the time of its implementation. This will lead to inefficiency of all investments in the company's activities, and the development will not be compensated by financial results.
Information risk The technology could have been developed before it became relevant for application, and therefore it becomes problematic to implement it due to already outdated methods of application.
Technological risk An innovation cannot be relevant and financially successful without the proper level of technical implementation.
Legal risks New developments are not always fully legally enshrined in legislation, which can lead to the impossibility of registering an innovation.
The risk of financial inadequacy Innovative projects can be unreasonably expensive, and therefore even a positive financial result from implementation will not be able to cover all implementation costs.
Marketing risks This risk is realized when entering a market that has been poorly analyzed, and therefore pricing will become incorrect. This risk is realized through a low level of product sales and, as a result, a low financial result.
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