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Time Management In Modern Corporate Governance

Table 2:

View of the software Characteristic Examples
Keeping track of working hours It allows to remotely track employees' working hours and evaluate their productivity by monitoring sites visited, Internet time, and GPS tracking. Time DoctorRoadmap
Video chats and group chats They allow you to quickly and remotely hold meetings, quickly transmit information to a large number of employees at once, and make it possible to avoid information asymmetry. HangoutsJoin.meZoomWorkplace
Project management You can work with multiple teams or projects, set time frames, place and coordinate tasks, track the progress of the project and the work of all employees. BasecampAsanaFloat
Increase productivity It allows to create lists of current tasks, mark them by their level of importance and significance, as well as by performance and time frames. IDoneThisTodoist
Organization of shared access It allows to quickly exchange work files and other documentation in real time, store them, and open access to individual employees or groups of employees. DropboxGoogle DriveiCloud
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