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Support For Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship In Russia During The Pandemic Of "Covid-19"

Table 1:

Direction of supporting entrepreneurship in the era of the spread of a pandemic Comments
Tax deferral Small and medium-sized companies are granted a grace period for all taxes, excluding VAT, for the next six months.
Micro-enterprise support Micro-enterprises were granted a grace period for taxes and payments of insurance contributions to social funds also for six months.
Deferral of loan payments The deferral for the payment of loans was provided to micro-enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses for up to six months.
Moratorium on bankruptcy A six-month moratorium on filing bankruptcy applications and collecting debts and fines for creditors (this applies not only to small businesses).
Reducing insurance premiums For small and medium-sized enterprises, the amount of insurance premiums decreased from 30% to 15% for salaries above the minimum wage.
Interest-free payroll loans Interest-free loans for the payment of wages were issued for a period of six months. At first, it only applied to small businesses, now the opportunity has been extended to large and medium ones.
Direct gratuitous financial assistance Positive, but limited - it applies to the most affected industries (listed above)
Deferral of payment of rent payments The deferral in the payment of rent payments extended to state, municipal and private property (with the exception of residential premises). The tenants will be able to pay the debt within two years. The property owner is prohibited from entering additional payments. Also, landlords are advised to reduce the amount of rent by agreement with the tenant.
Moratorium on business verification On-site inspections of small and medium-sized businesses were suspended until June 1, 2020. All licenses and permits were automatically renewed for six months.
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