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Growth Points Of Fintech Industry In The Perception Of Financial Market Transformation

Table 1:

Strengths Weaknesses
−ability of potential customers to use financial services amid growing mobile device penetration;−high technological level of fintech projects in the global financial space;−active improvement of the technological and financial infrastructure, which is necessary for the mass replication of new financial technologies;−powerful financial ecosystems of the major banks which act as the locomotive of the Russian fintech industry −unattractiveness of the Russian fintech industry for investors (including foreign ones). The Russian venture capital ecosystem is currently in its infancy;−imperfection of the federal legislative framework for regulating the activities of fintech companies; regulatory restrictions;−insufficient level of financial literacy and conservative attitude of the population;−uneven development of the necessary infrastructure and technological limitations of existing automated systems
Opportunities Threats
−effective implementation of mass fintech solutions based on the major digital banks;−high export potential of fintech solutions, development of new fintech solutions unique to the Russian market and the world;−active development of payment and related solutions against the backdrop of the rapid growth of electronic commerce;−educating the public to use fintech services;−“growing” more qualified IT professionals with a specialization in fintech −low level of patent activity. Almost complete absence of breakthrough IT technologies, including in the sphere of fintech;−continuing geopolitical risks, sanctions restrictions, the US and European markets are virtually closed;−leakage of qualified IT personnel abroad in order to find favorable conditions for the implementation of fintech projects;−growth of social risks: the creation of new automated services leads to a reduction in personnel previously performing these functions;−cyber fraud in the financial sector and information leakage
Market of innovative financial technologies and services, 2019.
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