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Can Technology Substitute Its Creator? Impact Of Industry 4.0 On Engineering Work

Table 1:

Research Issue Interview Questions
Changes in Positions and Job Descriptions of Engineers Are there any changes in positions and job descriptions of your engineers due to the transition to Industry 4.0? Do you think Industry 4.0 will affect your engineers negatively? Will the number of engineers decrease because of Industry 4.0? Which engineering positions may disappear? Why?
Education and Training Should Industry 4.0 training be given to engineers? If engineers were trained in your company, what was the scope of the training? Will the level of engineering education increase? Why?
New Skills and Competencies What are the new skills and competencies for engineers? Why?
The Scope of the Work How has Industry 4.0 changed the number and variety of tasks of engineers?
The Value and Dignity of the Work Will Industry 4.0 reduce the value and dignity of the engineering work? Why?
Depth/Breadth of Technical Knowledge How will digital transformation affect the depth/breadth of technical knowledge of engineers? Why?
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