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Environmental And Economic Aspects Of Waste Recycling

Table 1:

Comparison criterion Hitachi Zosen Inova BIO в ENERGY наHOLDING Alin
Occupied area 500m2 or more 250m² or more 100m² or more
Technology Waste incineration at the temperature of 1260˚С Biomass fermentation Recycling by means of subcritical water
Necessity for sorting No Only biomass is used No
Type of waste that could be processed Any types of waste Biomass Any types of waste
Presence of dangerous emissions No No No
Staff number 100 employees or more 30 employees or more 6 employees or more
Additional benefit Generation of electrical energy, production of processed slag and ash which could be used in construction Energy generation from the combustion of biogas With further processing, it is possible to obtain fuel. The processed waste is a fertilizer of higher quality
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