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Is Financial Development in Malaysia Green? An Empirical Assessment of EKC Hypothesis

Table 2:

Variables Proxy Unit of measurement Used by
Carbon emissions (C) “Carbon emissions from solid fuel consumption” ktoe Ahmad et al., (2017) Brown and McDonough (2016)
Domestic Investment (K) “Domestic Investment” US$(2010=100) Bekhet and Al-Smadi (2017)Rafindadi et al. (2018)
Private Investment (D) “Domestic Credit to private sector” US$(2010=100) Charfeddine and Khediri (2016)Katircioglu and Taspinar (2017)
Foreign Investment (F) “Inflow FDI” US$(2010=100) Tamazian and Rao (2009)Tamazian et al. (2010)
“Gross Domestic Product (Y)” “Gross Domestic Product” US$(2010=100) Ahmad et al. (2017)Brown and McDonough (2016)
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