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Monuments Of Nature As A Part Of Socio-Ecologo-Economic System

Table 1:

Tourist attractions
The Okhlebininskaya cave is a geological (geomorphological) natural monument. Karst cavity in gypsum rock. Upstream is the place of the confluence of the rivers Belaya and Sim The terrain is dissected by a ravine net, rocky territory, slope steepness when descending 65-75 degrees, karst dips, dense woody vegetation.
Bolshoi and Malyi Kolpak Rocks with a height of 120 m. The Bolshoi Kolpak rock is a natural monument of regional significance, gypsum rocks. High attendance high season - May-August. Lack of signs, indexes, information stands near the monuments of nature.
Valley r. White, springs. Riverside cliffs, scientific (stratigraphic) and aesthetic value Beach recreation of the local population and holidaymakers in the summer season
Tourist infrastructure
Missing. Close proximity to the city of Ufa, no need for accommodation facilities, shops in Okhlebinino and on the highway Poor development of the recreational area by tourist organizations. Lack of organized routes. Amateur tourism. Guide and guide services are not provided.
Transport accessibility
Advantageous geographical position, supported by a sufficiently developed transport infrastructure The cave is located close to the city of Ufa. M5 (Ufa - Chelyabinsk) in the Iglino area to the south and go on the road to the village Okhlebinino. We drove through the village of Ivano-Kazanka and the village of Monchazy. Between Monchazy and Okhlebinino they turned left into the field (approximate coordinates of the turn N54 29.819 E56 24.008). A field road leads directly to the descent to the cave. High traffic in summer on weekendsMostly dirt road, ledges and pits.The road is not suitable for cycling
Environmental conditions
Favorable climatic conditions (fairly warm summer and relatively mild winter). Rare species of steppe plants grow on the territory and medicinal plants Dangerous condition of the cave.High snow cover in winter (30-40 cm), adverse temperature and wind conditions. Weather is variability. The cave is easily accessible, there are inscriptions on the ledges left by tourists (graffiti). High recreational load on the cave and water protection zone r. Belaya. Lack of knowledge about the uniqueness of natural objects. Intensive trampling down by visitors to the cave is the area through which they descend to the cave
Socio-demographic conditions
Proximity to the city of Ufa and with. Okhlebinino, cottage recreation is developed A large number of holidaymakers in the summer season.
Psychological conditions
Openness and goodwill of the local population Careless attitude of tourists to the territory, including the accumulation of garbage near human settlements (ravines). Lack of promotion of environmental forms of recreation.
Conclusions: the proximity of the Ohlebininskaya gypsum cave, Bolshoi and Malyi Kolpak Rocks, right slope of the river Belaya on the territory of the Iglinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan is a favorable factor for conducting scientific research in the natural sciences. Implementation of environmental education programs, the development of ecological tourism as one of the economic sectors of the region.
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