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Stages Of Forming A Design Culture From School To Worldskills Russia

Table 3:

Research stages Formation
The first stage – basic – familiarity with design activities, work in graphic programs. the formation of the basic level of the design culture of the student (Olympiad on the technical schedule)
The second stage is systematic – schoolchildren have already systematized graphic knowledge, skills in computer programs. at this stage, a steady level of graphic activity, cognitive interest and cognitive activity for independent activity develops (adoption of design activities, participation in creative contests).
the third stage is in-depth: mastery of the theoretical foundations, the conviction of the need for self-development and self-improvement of their project activities and cognitive interest, which develops into an interest-focus on graphic activity and the study of graphic programs. awareness of the value of cognitive interest and project activities, their theoretical understanding and creative approach to self-study of design activities and graphic programs; participation in WorldSkills Russia projects.
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