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The Regional Aspects Of The Research On The Population’s Quality Of Life

Table 3:

Item Number Problems Activities and Recommendations
1 Ensuring clean air
1.1. On the territory of the Sayan industrial unit Reducing emissions of pollutants at the enterprises of the Sayan industrial unit by improving technological processes, increasing the efficiency of existing gas treatment plants;Organization of car parking on the factory territory;
1.2. On the territory of the city of Sayansk, the growth of emissions of pollutants from vehicles Carrying out activities to reduce emissions from vehicles- renewal of the bus fleet and carrying out restoration repairs;-organization of control over the toxicity of emissions from vehicles;Organization of parking lots near public buildings and in residential neighborhoods
2 Ensuring the purity of the aquatic environment Reconstruction and construction of local industrial wastewater treatment facilities.Construction of treatment facilities for rain sewage in the industrial hub and the city
3 Soil protection against pollution
3.1. Non-compliance of existing urban landfills and industrial unit storage sites with sanitary requirements Redevelopment of landfill sites and industrial waste storage sites;Construction of a solid waste landfill with a storage site for the industrial unit;
3.2. Lack of organized snow dumps Construction of a snow dump in accordance with environmental requirements;
3.3. Lack of a cemetery for pets; Design and construction of a cemetery for pets;
4 Protection of green spaces
4.1. Formation of a system of urban forests Categorization of forests in the city into the category of urban forests;
4.2. Lack of a structure for the protection and control of the use of urban forests Creation of urban forestry;
4.3. Lack of inventory of urban forests Inventory of urban forests;
5 Continue monitoring the state and quality of the environment Development of the existing system of environmental monitoring of the state of the atmosphere, water bodies, soils, and the impact of physical factors.
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