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E-Mail As A Tool For Effective Management Of Small Business

Table 1:

The question Answer options Response share %/ number of respondents
Are you an Individual entrepreneur or Entity? 1.1 Sole trader1.2 Entity 69.0/2931.0/13
Do you use E-mail in your business? 2.1 Yes2.2 No 100.0/420.0/0
What mail service do you use? 3.1 Gmail3.2 Outlook3.3 Mail.com3.4 Yahoo! Mail3.5 AOL3.6 Others 31.0/1311.9/528.6/1216.7/77.1/34.7/2
What are the main advantages of using the E-mail? 4.1 Fast connection4.2 Cost reduction4.3 Decrease in control levels4.4 Data transfer4.5 Safety4.6 Marketing4.7 Other advantages 83.3/3569.1/2928.6/12100.0/4235.7/1590.5/389.5/4
What are the main disadvantages of using the E-mail? 5.1 Level reduction control5.2 Accuracy5.3 Competition5.4 Professionalism5.5 Increase in employment5.6 Information overload5.7 Security5.8 Other disadvantages 71.4/3095.2/4019.0/881.0/3435.7/1590.5/3864.3/279.5/4
What do you see replacing the use ofE-mail? 6.1 use of accounts on social networks6.2 "paper" mail6.3 no replacement yet6.4 I do not use email in my work 31.0/139.5/459.5/250.0/0
How many E-mailboxes do you use in your work? 7.1 One7.2 Two7.3 Three7.4 Four and bigger 38.1/1650.0/214.8/27.1/3
Does E-mail improve small business management? 8.1 Yes8.2 No8.3 Difficult to answer 76.2/3219.0/84.8/2
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