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Providing Support For Older Adults: State And Family Matter

Table 2:

Questions Percentage
Total number of respondents aged 75 + in the sample 18.75
Men 28
Women 72
Living arrangements
Live alone 45.3
Live with spouse 26.7
Live with spouse and children 8
Live only with children 18.7
Live with other relatives 4
Do you receive care from other people?
Yes, from relatives 82.7
Yes, from neighbours 1.3
Yes, from state social services 4
No, I do not. 14.7
How often do you ask for social support from state social services?
Every month 2.7
Every three months 1.3
Every year 44
Never 52
What kind of help do you need from state social service?
Cash transfer 12
Medical assistance 13.3
Subsides to pay for utilities (heating, electricity) 28
Domestic help 18.75
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