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Spatial Approach: Investigation Of The Concept Connectivity Of A Territory

Table 2:

Indicator Group Name Description of indicators Units
Transport infrastructure 1. Density of communication lines Kilometre of roads / 1000 km2 of a territory
2. Length of communication lines by mode of transport Thousand km
3. Transportation of goods by mode of transport Billion tons
4. Freight turnover of public transport Billion tons/km.
5. Passenger traffic by mode of transport Million
6. Passenger turnover of public transport Billion pass / km
Informationand telecommunication infrastructure 1. Number of Internet users Thousand people per 1 km2
2. Number of mobile phone users Thousand people per 1 km2
3. Number of personal computers in organizations Thousand pcs
4. Use of special software in organizations % of the total number of organizations
5. Costs of organizations for information and communication technologies by type of economic activity Million rubles/year
Resource allocation equability 1. Number of mobile subscriber devices connected to networks per 1000 population Pcs
2. The number of residential telephone sets of the public network per 1000 population Pcs
3. The proportion of telephones that have access to an automatic long-distance telephone exchange, in the total number of telephones %
4. The presence of mailboxes per 10 000 people Pcs
5. The number of postal delivery sites Pcs
6. The number of active subscribers of fixed access to the Internet Thousand people
7. The number of active subscribers of satellite access to the Internet Units
8. The number of subscriber devices of mobile radiotelephone communication per 1000 population Pcs
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