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Digital Industrialization And Transformation Of The Region's Resource-Based Economy

Table 1:

Features of the new reindustrialization Regional aspect
Avoiding “technological gigantism”, minimizing the number of basic technologies. Coverage of the most advanced production technologies, combined with a flexible approach to the selection of directions for the development of regional industry.
Rationalization selection and concentration of production technologies. Formation of centers of competence of advanced regional development.
Enhancing the role of integrated industrial structures. The formation of high-tech cluster structures taking into account the specifics of the region, a network model of interaction.
Refusal to preserve outdated technologies and preserving the technological gap. The development of technologies of a new level, taking into account regional specifics, raw materials.
Big purchase of the most advanced technologies. A selective approach in determining the technological directions of development of the region, taking into account the achievements of scientific and technological progress.
Reconstructing the “production of machine tools for the production of machine tools” - domestic machine tool building and other blocks of “production of the production sphere” Taking into account the interconnectedness of technology and the economy of the region. Possibilities of intersectoral and interregional cooperation.
Changing approaches to capacity reservation. The concept of technological development leadership in high technology sectors of the region’s economy.
Enhancing the role of institutions of scientific and technological development in the creation of new industrial base. Improving the innovation infrastructure of the region.
Improving the investment climate in the industry. Development of institutions and investment support tools.
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